Technology and Research Platforms


High throughput methods such as Next Generation Sequencing have revolutionised the way we conduct research.

Managing and processing these massive data sets require computational support.

The Informatics Platform enables computational aspects of science at the John Innes Centre.

Our three main areas of work are

  • Project Work: We participate in a large number of research projects at the John Innes Centre, providing bioinformatics support and high-throughput analysis of data sets.
  • Training: Our training program consists of a range of courses enabling scientists at the Norwich Research Park to conduct bioinformatics analyses. Our courses include introductions to Sequence Analysis, RnaSeq, Python, the Linux Command Line Shell, Phylogenetics, Git and High-Performance Computing. In addition we offer project specific one-to-one training to scientists
  • Infrastructure: We monitor computational needs at the John Innes Centre and provide infrastructure solutions in close collaboration with CiS. In particular we have developed and maintain the data management solution dtool

We offer our expertise in form of consultancy and project work to external partners.