Technology and Research Platforms


Modern biological research is increasingly reliant on computational approaches.

Our Informatics team use their technical skills, experience and infrastructure to help you make sense of your data, working at the interface between biological and computational science to provide the best possible support, tools and expertise.

The team has expertise across a wide range of plant and microbial science applications, as well as access to substantial computational processing and data storage capabilities well suited to the large-scale challenges provided by plant genomics and phenotyping.

Bioinformatics analysis, data visualisation and tool development

  • The team can carry out genomic sequencing based analyses – RNASeq, ChIP-Seq, variant calling, GWAS, phylogenetics and other techniques
  • Where these give rise to large, high dimensional datasets, the platform can help with visualisation and understanding of those data
  • For new methods, the experts can develop new tools and customised approaches

Data management and processing

  • The platform has substantive expertise managing very large datasets (multiple Terabytes) while managing metadata and provenance
  • Developing and scaling new tools and pipelines to apply to those data


Wide range of topics in computational biology from basic command line skills, through programming in R and Python, data visualisation, sequence analysis, RNA-Seq and more. This training is available to be tailored to small-group courses depending on need.