Technology and Research Platforms

Genotyping and DNA Extractions

The Genotyping platform can provide services to academics and commercial businesses such as plant breeders.

Genotyping is the process in which DNA is analysed for specific nucleotides or bases to determine whether certain variants are present. DNA extraction can be an early step in many projects, while genotyping can be used for marker-assisted selection to screen populations or for chromosome mapping.

The team’s expertise can help you decide which DNA extraction and genotyping method is best suited to your project.

DNA extraction

The team can offer three different techniques and choose which one is best suited to your project and budget:

  • High Quality, High Throughput DNA Extraction – LGC Oktopure is used for the highest quality DNA extractions. This method uses magnetic bead-based extraction.
  • Qiagen QIAcube DNA Extractions – Contaminants and inhibitors are removed with a silica membrane giving high quality DNA ready for downstream analysis.
  • In-house DNA Extraction: A more affordable option, high throughput extraction gives less purity than the other options. An extraction method suitable for SNP or microsatellite genotyping.


Using extracted DNA, the platform can identify your gene of interest using the following methods:

  • KASP™ SNP: PCR-based KASP (Kompetitive Allele-Specific PCR) genotyping technology is a homogeneous, fluorescence (FRET) based assay that enables accurate bi-allelic discrimination of known single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and InDels (insertions or deletions of bases in the genome of an organism.) It involves two competitive forward primers and one common reverse primer. Simple and affordable, and only requires a small amount of crude DNA.
  • ABI 3730: Applied Biosystems instrument useful for de novo sequencing, resequencing, microsatellite-based fragment analysis, or SNP genotyping