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Crop Transformation (Brassica)

Leading the Way in Brassica Transformation and Gene Editing.

The Crop Transformation (Brassica) Platform specializes in providing world-class transformation and gene editing services for Brassica napus and Brassica oleracea. Led by award-winning researchers, the platform provides both John Innes Centre (JIC) researchers and the broader scientific community access to a wide array of Brassica transformation and genome editing services.


What We Offer

The experienced team can help with a range of project needs. They can provide support for experimental design and construct assembly, through to transformation and screening of the plants developed.

  • Transformation Resources: Access a comprehensive collection of germplasm, constructs, protocols, and training materials to conduct your own transformation work.
  • Complete Transformation Packages: Helping to advance your work by providing functional characterisation of genes of interest by over-expression and/or by providing CRISPR/Cas9 derived knock-out mutants.

We provide a full suite of services, from construct design and build to transformation and delivery of primary transgenic plants.

The facility operates on a not-for-profit, cost-recovery basis, supporting researchers globally. Our team can collaborate with you to secure funding through internal SSA awards (JIC staff only) or assist with cost breakdowns and advice for grant applications.


Get in Touch

For more information, contact Dr Penny Hundleby FRSB, Senior Scientist and Crop Transformation (Brassica) Platform lead ( We are here to assist with any questions or specific requests related to your transformation and gene editing projects.

Explore our collection of training videos on the John Innes Centre YouTube channel, where you can find transformation tutorials for other crop species. Watch our Brassica oleracea transformation video here.

Thank you for choosing the Crop Transformation (Brassica) Platform Group. We look forward to helping you advance your research.