Technology and Research Platforms

Crop Transformation (Wheat)

We offer world-class transformation and gene editing services in a wide range of wheat varieties (including elite varieties) for both academic researchers and commercial purposes. Currently the varieties Fielder, Cadenza and Kronos are available for transformation. We can transform Paragon, Reedling-Borlaug 100, Skyfall, Svevo, Cirno-C, Om Rabi and some winter wheat varieties, and are developing protocols for other genotypes, including more elite varieties.

We would be excited to discuss any potential research collaborations into new wheat varieties or new technologies you might interested in.

We have a highly efficient gene editing pipeline to create targeted mutations in the host genome in different wheat varieties. Our team has extensive expertise in cutting edge gene editing technologies. Our wheat transformation service uses an immature embryo protocol using Agrobacterium techniques.

Please feel free to contact us for future research collaborations and to support your projects.

We also offer complete vector cloning services to quickly design and construct your vector to ensure quality and compatibility with our system.

Cloning Services:  Our platform offers efficient cloning services for cloning in your gene of interest, promoter, overexpression, CRISPR/Cas9, gRNAs, etc., into our preferred backbones for Agrobacterium transformation. If you require cloning services and advice, contact Mark Smedley, Crop Transformation Construct Lead

Copy Number: We provide T0 transgenic plants with copy numbers. Contact if you require further copy number requests for next generation plants.

For pricing and availability for other wheat varieties or to discuss potential collaborations or protocol development for your species/genotype of interest, please contact: Wheat Transformation (JIC):

  • For enquiries, please state wheat variety, number of constructs, type of construct (standard transformation or editing)
  • Projects requesting custom varieties will require investigators to submit seed to us for transformation development.
  • Average turnaround time for wheat is 6-8 months depend on donor material and construct availability.
  • For delivery of T1 seed from up to 20 independent events/construct is subject to additional charges.
  • Contact us regarding rates for larger numbers of constructs, and for the potential to transform specific cultivars for your project.

Protocol Publications

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Smedley M,Hayta SADIYE,Clark MARTHA,Harwood W (2021)

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