Technology and Research Platforms


Our Small molecule mass spectrometry platform offers chemical analysis by liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and associated mass spectrometry.

The team are closely integrated with the Chemistry and NMR platforms to provide a comprehensive suite of chemical analytical techniques, and with the proteomic platform for high-end mass spectrometry including imaging.

The platform can be used for targeted analysis of particular chemicals of interest, or a broader profiling, looking for chemical changes (metabolomics).

For liquid chromatography, in addition to MS, they offer detection by UV/visible absorbance, Charged aerosol/evaporative light scattering detectors, and fluorescence.

For gas chromatography, our systems have automated sample-handling robotics and can carry out derivatisation automatically.

The team can offer;

  • Infrastructure for heavily analytical projects
  • Analysis of particular chemicals (hormones, amino acids, sugars, secondary metabolites etc.)
  • Accurate mass (for confirmation of elemental composition)
  • Characterisation of natural products
  • Broad-scale metabolomics
  • Screening of populations for chemical features
  • Training and support, including data-handling

Our primary purpose is to underpin research on the Norwich Research Park, we also undertake commercial work. Note – because this is an academic lab, it is not ISO17025 certified.

Prices vary according to the type of work involved, contact the team for a bespoke quote for your project.

Molecular Analysis equipment

  • Two Agilent GC-MS systems (7890B GC with 5977A/B MS) equipped with Gerstel MPS autosampler robotics. These can handle automated sample derivatisation, drying, mixing, heating and centrifugation
  • Waters Xevo TQS tandem LC-MS system. Provides high-sensitivity targeted analysis
  • Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC with 2020 single quadrupole MS. General purpose LC-MS, with PDA (UV/vis), fluorescence and CAD detection; mass-directed fractionation and semi-prep chromatography
  • Agilent 1290 UHPLC. Analytical and semi-prep scale chromatography with PDA (UV/vis) and ELSD detectors
  • QExactive Orbitrap with Vanquish UHPLC. Accurate mass and MS-MS, characterisation of unknowns and complex mixtures, “metabolomics” screening and quantitative work. Can be used with Compound Discoverer software for library searches, peak-finding, chemometrics and identification. Also has PDA and Charged Aerosol detection
  • Agilent 6546 Q-ToF with 1290 UHPLC. Accurate mass and MS-MS including data-independent acquisition. Also has PDA. Can be used with MPP software for chemometrics/metabolomic profiling
  • Agilent 1290 Infinity II preparative LC-MSD (also has PDA and ELSD). Prep-scale HPLC with mass-directed fractionation