Scientific Facilities

Scientific Photography

Our scientific photography service supports plant and microbial science at the Norwich Research Park; however, other studio-based photography is possible and enquiries are welcome.

We have a large studio where we prepare images for use by scientists and staff in their research, scientific papers and lectures.

The scientific photography equipment and services at the John Innes Centre include;

  • UV flourescent photography
  • Portraits
  • Fieldwork
  • Social Events
  • VIP visits
  • General studio photography of larger items; plants or equipment
  • Macro work of microbes, plants and insects, which might be using flash fibre-optics
  • Dark-field illumination of subjects such as petri dishes, plants and time-lapse photography
  • Copy work e.g. plants from the John Innes Foundation collection of Rare Botanical Books
  • General Photography reflecting the work and impact of the John Innes Centre

“We provide a full photographic service for the John Innes Centre, specialising in scientific photography, either on location on in our own well-equipped studio”

– Andrew Davis, Scientific Photography