Dr Sadiye Hayta

Senior Scientist Genes in the Environment

Sadiye leads research on the transformation and genome editing of wheat at the John Innes Centre within the Professor Wendy Harwoods group

Her focus is on developing and delivering gene editing applications within wheat for both the John Innes Centre research and for external collaborators.

Characterising and understanding genetic variation in wheat has strategic importance for the John Innes Centre and the scientific wheat community.

Genome editing provides a clear route to shorten this approach by allowing direct allele replacement, targeted gene insertion or precise base-editing (among other approaches).

The development of efficient transformation systems is essential for the application, and exploitation of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technologies in wheat.

Sadiye provides training and advice in wheat transformation and genome-editing to staff, students and visiting workers through the BRACT (Biotech Resources for Arable Crop Transformation) facility.

She was also responsible for developing the first transformation system for Primula vulgaris. A technology which will play a major step forward in understanding the genes responsible for floral heteromorphy, a focus of the Gilmartin group’s ongoing work program.