Genomic Services

Genotyping and DNA Extractions

We offer four Genotyping and DNA extraction services at the John Innes Centre;

KASP SNP Genotyping

  • Two competitive, allele-specific forward primers and one common reverse primer
  • Bespoke pricing based on sample number
  • 2ul of DNA at around 5ng/ul required per reaction

SSR (Microsatellite) Genotyping

  • Involves the use of simple sequence repeats as DNA markers
  • SSR sequences are highly polymorphic and are used for the detection of allelic variation within populations
  • Up to 4 different fluorescently labelled PCR products can be multiplexed together.  Run on an ABI 3730xl DNA analyser

Qiagen QIAcube DNA Extractions

  • Uses a 96-well format DNA extraction robot
  • Dried or fresh/frozen leaf material
  • Silica membrane removes contaminants and inhibitors to yield high-quality DNA for downstream analysis

Ethanol washed DNA Extractions

  • Cheaper than Qiagen extractions as we use our own buffers and DNA is pelleted and ethanol washed rather than membrane cleaned
  • 96-well format
  • Suitable downstream processes include SNP and SSR genotyping among others