Technology Platforms

Scientific Databases

Research groups at the John Innes Centre are making an effort to offer open access to their research, and research data via online portals and data-sets.

Some of the resources below are archived for browsing, while some remain actively updated.

  • SeedStor – The Germplasm Resources Unit is an internationally recognised repository for the long-term curation and provision of crop germplasm resources
  • StrepDB – gives access to information for S. clavuligerus, S. avermitilis, S. griseus, S. scabies and S. coelicolor. It also features information about API access
  • OpenAshDieback – As part of a cross-institute project to fight ash dieback, OpenAshDieBack has made sequence data openly available online via GitHub
  • PGene – Germplasm accession and gene list databases for Pisum
  • Wheat Expression – Wheat gene expression atlas to determine where genes are expressed across over 1000 publicly available RNA-Seq samples
  • Wheat Training – Wheat Training provides information and practical resources to help plants scientists interested in working on wheat
  • Wheat TILLING – Original analysis of wheat exome capture data for 1,535 tetraploid Kronos and 1,200 hexaploid Cadenza mutants against the IWGSC Chinese Spring chromosome arm survey sequence