Eleni Vikeli

Research Assistant Molecules from Nature

Eleni is currently pursuing a PhD on the discovery of novel antimicrobials from the nests of Kenyan fungus growing ants in the Professor Barrie Wilkinson laboratory.

Their research focuses on using a combination of methods and techniques such as metabolomics (unbiased and non), chemical characterisation genome mining and analysis as well as bioassays to discover and characterise antimicrobial compounds.

The main interest of this research is the battle against multidrug resistant microorganisms and the exploring of uncharacterised species of microbes with a great number of active or silent biosynthetic gene clusters(BCG’s).

Eleni is also interested in science communication and outreach events and curates the popular ‘Meet the molecules‘ series of blog posts.

She has been a participant/organiser to various projects such as the Antibiotic Hunters Team in collaboration with the University of East Anglia as well as in events promoting youth awareness on science matters.