Professor Claire Domoney

Group Leader Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

The Domoney group investigates the genetic basis for seed quality traits in legumes, using pea both as a research tool and as a crop which is important to UK agriculture.

The principal traits they focus on are those which impact on the final composition of the seed, principally influencing nutritional quality.

The lab also investigate the basis for chlorophyll retention in seeds, which has important consequences for end-use. They are working with a range of variant germplasm, including lines they have generated which lack major seed proteins and develop genomic and genetic tools and resources which underpin this research.

Claire leads the UK Pulse Crop Genetic Improvement Network, funded by Defra, which includes collaborators in NIAB, University of Reading, University of Aberystwyth and the Processors and Growers Research Organisation and a wide range of stakeholders.

An associated LINK project, PeaGen, funded by BBSRC is using resources developed initially within PCGIN to understand the consequences of removing specific classes of protein from seeds and, through breeders, to deliver feed pea with improved nutritional properties to the industry.

Their research has broad implications for three areas of societal benefit: production of health-promoting food, economics of food and feed production and environmental aspects of crop rotation.

Selected Publications

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