During their visit to the John Innes Centre, speakers of the named lectures are given the opportunity to have their portrait done by Professor Enrico Coen FRS. The portraits are a memento of their lecture and visit.

Below you can see all portraits of the speakers, and you can click on them to see them in more detail.

The Bateson Lecture

Ottoline Leyser 2013 Philip Benfy 2011 Sean Carroll 2008 Thomas Steitz 2003   Elliot Meyerowitz 2002

2013 Ottoline Leyser


2011 Philip Benfey

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2008 Sean Carroll

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2003 Thomas Steitz

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2002 Elliot Meyerowitz

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The Biffin Lecture

  Lord May 2015 Sarah Hake 2012   Susan McCouch 2009   Rob Martienssen 2008

2016 Edward Buckler

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2015 Lord Robert May

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2012 Sarah Hake

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2009 Susan McCouch


2008 Robert Martienssen

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Dick Flavell 2006 Michael Freeling 2004 Steve Tanksley 2003 Francesco Salamini 2002 John Doebly 2001

2006 Dick Flavell

2004 Michael Freeling


2003 Steve Tanksley

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2002 Francesco Salamini

2001 John Doebley

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The Chatt Lecture

  Timothy richmond 2008   Jack Baldwin 2006   Doug Rees 2004   Steve Lippard 2003   Tom Blundell 2002

2008 Timothy Richmond

2006 Jack Baldwin

2004 Doug Rees

2003 Steve Lippard

2002 Tom Blundell 

Robert Huber 2000

2000 Robert Huber

The Darlington Lecture

Detlef Wiegel 2015 Sue Wessler Frank Grosveld Nick Cozarelli Kim Nasmyth  

2015 Detlef Weigel

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2007 Sue Wessler


2005 Frank Grosveld


2004 Nick Cozzarelli


2002 Kim Nasmyth

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Alec Jeffries

2001 Alec Jeffreys











The Hopwood Lecture

Bonnie Bassler 2013 Thomas Silhavy 2007 Carol Gross 2006 Susan Gottesman

2017 Julian Parkhill

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2013 Bonnie Bassler

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2007 Thomas Silhavy

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2006 Carol Gross

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2005 Susan Gottesman

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Lucy Shapiro 2003 Karl stetter 2002 Ira herskowitz 2001

2003 Lucy Shapiro

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2002 Karl Stetter

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2001 Ira Herskowitz












The Haldane Lecture

Michael Lynch 2014   Simon Levin 2011   Herbert Jaekcle 2007   Bruce Stillman 2006

2017 Eske Willerslev

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2014 Michael Lynch


2011 Simon Levin

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2007 Herbert Jaeckle


2006 Bruce Stillman

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Pat brown 2004 Sydney Brenner 2003 Tim mitchison 2002 J M-S 2001

2004 Pat Brown 

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2003 Sydney Brenner

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2002 Tim Mitchison


2001 John Maynard-Smith












The Woolhouse Lecture

Julian Schroeder 2012 Mark Estelle 2011 George coupland 2008 Joe Ecker 2006

2016 Martin Yanofsky

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2012 Julian Schroeder

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2011 Mark Estelle

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2008 George Coupland

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2006 Joe Ecker

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Chris somerville 2005 Nam-Hui Chua 2004 Joanne Chory 2003 Winslow briggs 2004 Maarten Koornneef

2005 Chris Somerville

2004 Nam-Hai Chua

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2003 Joanne Chory

2001 Winslow Briggs

2000 Maarten Koornneef

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