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Curriculum Vitae

  • 1979 BA King
  • 1982 PhD Genetics Cambridge
  • 1982 SERC Postdoc Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • 1982 Research Fellow St John
  • 1984-present Project Leader John Innes Centre
  • 1999 John Innes Foundation Professor at JIC and UEA
  • 1997 Linnean Gold Medal
  • 1998 Fellow of the Royal Society
  • 2001 Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sci
  • 2004 Darwin Medal

Enrico Coen

Project Leader

Cell & Developmental Biology

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Research interests

How do small groups of cells in microscopic buds turn themselves into the diverse flower and leaf shapes we see around us? To answer this question we need to know how genes and growth interact to create tissue shapes during development, and how this process varies to produce such a remarkable range of forms. We use a highly integrative approach that combines molecular, genetic, imaging, population, ecological and computational approaches to address this problem, applying them to model systems such as Arabidopsis and Antirrhinum.

Selected Publications

Abley K., De Reuille P. B., Strutt D., Bangham A., Prusinkiewicz P., Maree A. F., Grieneisen V. A., Coen E. (2013)
An intracellular partitioning-based framework for tissue cell polarity in plants and animals.
Development 140 (10) 2061-74
Sauret-GŁeto S., Schiessl K., Bangham A., Sablowski R., Coen E. (2013)
JAGGED Controls Arabidopsis Petal Growth and Shape by Interacting with a Divergent Polarity Field.
PLoS Biology 11 (4) e1001550
Kuchen E. E., Fox S., de Reuille P. B., Kennaway R., Bensmihen S., Avondo J., Calder G. M., Southam P., Robinson S., Bangham A., Coen E. (2012)
Generation of leaf shape through early patterns of growth and tissue polarity.
Science 335 (6072) 1092-6
Robinson S., de Reuille P., Chan J., Bergmann D., Prusinkiewicz P., Coen E. S. (2011)
Generation of spatial patterns through cell polarity switching
Science 333 (6048) 1436-1440
Kim M., Cui M. L., Cubas P., Gillies A., Lee K., Chapman M. A., Abbott R. J., Coen E. (2008)
Regulatory genes control a key morphological and ecological trait transferred between species
Science 322 1116-1119

Recent Publications

Raimundo J., Sobral R., Bailey P., Azevedo H., Galego L., Almeida J., Coen E., Costa M. M. (2013)
A subcellular tug of war involving three MYB-like proteins underlies a molecular antagonism in Antirrhinum flower asymmetry.
Plant Journal 10 12225