Professor Mark J Buttner

Emeritus Fellow

As an Emeritus Fellow, Mark no longer runs a research group but interacts closely with other members of the Streptomyces group and continues to contribute to the advancement of our science.

Mark’s research focused on the cell biological processes underpinning Streptomyces sporulation, the master regulators that control these processes, and the regulatory networks that link the two.

As part of his work, he pioneered the development of Streptomyces venezuelae as a new model system for the genus. Unlike most Streptomyces species, S. venezuelae sporulates in liquid culture, giving a unique opportunity to follow the movement of multiple developmental proteins in time and space during differentiation using time-lapse imaging, and to optimally apply global approaches like transcriptional profiling and ChIP-seq to the analysis of cellular differentiation.

Mark is Co-Editor-in-Chief of Current Opinion in Microbiology Current Opinion in Microbiology | Journal | by Elsevier

Selected Publications

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