Professor Mark J Buttner

Group Leader Head of Department Molecules from Nature

Research in the Buttner lab focuses on the cell biological processes underpinning Streptomyces sporulation, the master regulators that control these processes, and the regulatory networks that link the two.

Their approach exploits a broad range of disciplines including cell biology, modelling, global ‘omics’ methods, genetics and biochemistry, right through to X-ray crystallography.

As part of their work, they have recently pioneered the development of Streptomyces venezuelae as a new model system for the genus. Unlike most Streptomyces species, S. venezuelae sporulates in liquid culture, giving a unique opportunity to follow the movement of multiple developmental proteins in time and space during differentiation using time-lapse imaging (movies).

Sporulation in liquid culture also allows them to optimally apply global approaches like transcriptional profiling and ChIP-seq to the analysis of cellular differentiation.

In addition to their developmental research, the group also investigate the molecular mechanisms that mediate oxidative and cell envelope stress responses in Streptomyces, and those involved in the control of antibiotic resistance, focusing on key components of each signal transduction pathway.

Mark is Head of the Department Molecular Microbiology.

Selected Publications

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