Year 10 Science Camp

Due to the likelihood of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions this year’s Year 10 Science Camp will take place online, running from 28 June –2 July from 19.00-20.30 each evening.

As part of Year 10 Science Camp, each evening students will explore how some of the world’s best plant and microbial scientists work on their research and learn about all the ways in which the science of today is the reality of tomorrow.

Find out how you too can become a scientist to investigate mysteries and change the world. For example, in 2014 our Year 10 Science Camp students helped identify a new fungus.

The week will start with an introduction to a practical experiment to carry out at home. You will need to attend every evening and carry out a small amount of work in advance of the week.

Applications close on 26 February 2021. More information and instructions will be sent to successful applicants in May 2021.

On their experience of the camp one student said “I definitely recommend this amazing experience. I’ve already shared a lot of my experience with close friends and family members, who all agreed that the week sounded great.”