JIC has a range of technology platforms and facilities
to support researchers across all disciplines.

All facilities across the Norwich Research Park are also available to JIC researchers.


Germplasm Resources Unit

Germplasm Resources Unit

The Germplasm Resources Unit (GRU) is a specialist long term Seed Bank facility and is a national capability supported by the BBSRC.




Optical and electron microscopy facilities at JIC; including confocals, super-resolution microscopy, TEM and SEM, and more.


Crop Transformation

The BRACT facility offers crop transformation resources in wheat, barley and Brassica species.

Entomology, ants


The Entomology Facility is a resource for invertebrate-related studies, housing controlled environments for maintaining DEFRA-licensed, quarantined invertebrates.

Field Trials

Field Experimentation

Field experimentation is carried out on land at the centre, at Church Farm, Bawburgh and supported by seed processing and storage at the nearby New Found Farm.


Glasshouses and CERs

The controlled environment rooms and glasshouses at JIC allow for precise control of plant environment; length of day, temperature, ventilation and thermal screens.

Metabolics, woman in lab

Molecular Analysis

We use chromatography and mass spectrometry to investigate and measure chemicals. We provide walk-in facilities as well as expertise and support.

NMR, Man in lab

Magnetic Resonance

The  NMR Facility houses a Bruker 400MHz NMR spectrometer, which is particularly suitable for analysis of low molecular weight compounds.


Protein Crystallography

We use X-ray crystallography to provide deep insights into molecular interactions, gene regulation, enzyme mechanism, protein function and protein evolution.

Proteomics graph


The JIC Proteomics Facility is equipped with four state-of-the-art mass spectrometers (including peripheral instruments and software) for a range of proteomics applications.


Reverse Genetics

RevGenUK is a BBSRC-supported reverse genetics service. We offer TILLING in model legumes and Brassicas, and more. We provide technical support and advice.

Scientific Databases

Scientific Databases

The department of Computational and Systems Biology has collaborated with research groups to provide a number of databases for the global research community.


Surface Plasmon Resonance

The John Innes Centre SPR Facility uses a Biacore T200 instrument (GE Healthcare), which can be used to analyse the specificity, affinity and kinetics of biomolecular interactions in real time.

Photographic services, photography studio

Photographic Services

Dedicated studio and location photographic service to support research through the recording of results. Printing service also available on request.

Library and archives visit

Library & Archives

A purpose built facility containing the Science Library and Historical Collections – including Rare Books room - owned by the John Innes Foundation.

JIC Conference logo

Conference Centre

High specification conference facility, with 300 seat auditorium and selection of seminar rooms. Regularly hosts scientific conferences and seminars.

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