Dr Matthew Bush

Research Assistant Molecules from Nature

Matt is interested in the molecular mechanisms that underpin the complex developmental life-cycle of the filamentous and antibiotic-producing bacteria Streptomyces.

Central to this research is the use of a newly-established model organism for the genus, Streptomyces venezuelae.

Streptomyces venezuelae sporulates in liquid culture, allowing the easy application of global ‘omics-based techniques such as ChIP-seq and RNA-seq. As part of Professor Mark Buttner’s research group, this approach has enabled the dissection of the regulatory cascade that controls sporulation in Streptomyces. This work continues to identify key genes encoding proteins with previously unidentified roles in Streptomyces differentiation.

Matt’s current work involves a combination of cell biology, molecular genetics and biochemistry to understand the regulation of cell division that leads to sporulation in Streptomyces.