Professor George Lomonossoff elected as President of the International Society for Plant Molecular Farming

Professor George Lomonossoff has been elected as the new President of the International Society for Plant Molecular Farming.

The ISPMF was established three years ago to promote and support excellence in research, scholarship and practice in Plant Molecular Farming. It has been led since its inception by its founding President Julian Ma.

Professor Lomonossoff was elected the society’s second President at their annual general meeting in Ghent, Belgium. As the Society grows in membership and renown it aims to act as a central hub for the Molecular Farming community and to provide a central resource of information about the latest developments in the field.

Professor Lomonossoff said, “It is great honour to be elected to this position and I will endeavour to build on the successful foundations laid by my predecessor, Julian Ma. The society is a vibrant organisation and I certainly intend to keep it so.”

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