9 March 2016

Dr Kirsten Bomblies receives highly coveted Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Project Leader Dr Kirsten Bomblies a Consolidator Grant worth 2M Euros to pursue her chosen area of research.

The ERC Consolidator Grants support early/mid-career scientists to establish their scientific independence by providing the necessary resources to form a team of scientists and students within a host institute.

The ERC funding scheme is among the most highly sought after sources of funding in Europe, and competition for the limited number of grants is of the highest standard. Only those researchers who have an exceptional track record for their career stage and provide an outstanding research proposal are considered.

Dr Bomblies’ research uses meiosis as a model to explore how constrained processes can evolve to overcome significant disruptions to the status quo. By exploring some well-known disruptions to meiosis, such as whole genome duplication and environmental change, Dr Bomblies hopes to uncover the molecular basis for the adaptations that allow organisms to overcome them.

Dr Bomblies said, “The tremendous research environment at JIC drew me to the UK last year. This ERC grant will now allow my group to pursue curiosity-driven research and explore new directions. We aim to merge approaches from different disciplines to generate new understanding of the very systems that generate diversity but also maintain genome integrity across generations. This will benefit from collaborations both within JIC as well as further afield.”

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