Join our alumni network

If you have worked or studied at the John Innes Centre, you can join the alumni network.

We aim to:

  • Provide a place for our alumni to remain in contact with the JIC and our current staff and students
  • Provide a space to enable collaboration, knowledge exchange and engagement
  • Build a network of alumni who would like to be mentors and/or share their experiences with our current staff and students, and each other
  • Understand where our alumni are and the range of careers they have undertaken

Join the JIC alumni network.

You can also:

Help us find our lost alumni – if you have friends and colleagues that previously worked and studied at the John Innes Centre, encourage them to join our alumni network or contact us

If you are already a member and have moved, have new contact details or have changed role you can use this form to update your contact details and preferences

For further information email