Molecules from Nature research areas

The Molecules from Nature ISP research comprises four themes.

These themes will provide a foundation for the design and development of new molecules, and improve our understanding of pathways and production systems of economic and societal value.

Products and pathways

Theme Leaders:  Prof Sarah O'Connor and Prof Rob Field

In this Theme we discover new plant and microbial products, elucidate how they are synthesized in the producing organisms, and use this information to design new products of value to humankind.

Products and pathways objectives

Biological context

Theme Leader: Prof Mark Buttner

In this Theme we discover the biological functions and contexts in which valuable products are made and diversified in plants and microbes. 

Biological context objectives

Crop quality

Theme Leaders: Prof Claire Domoney and Dr Janneke Balk

In this Theme we seek to understand the factors that determine the nutritional value of crops, and use this information to support studies of human nutrition and the breeding of nutritionally-improved crops. 

Crop quality objectives

Enhanced research capacity

Theme Leader: Prof George Lomonossoff

In this Theme we develop technologies to facilitate our research and to accelerate its translation into new processes and products of value to humankind.

Enhanced research capacity objectives


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