Susannah Gill

Postgraduate Researcher

Susannah works in the Entomology and Insectary team.

On a day-to-day basis, Susannah assists in the daily running of the facility, providing entomological insight and practical services for on-site researchers and commercial clients, alike.

She assists in the establishment and upkeep of the in-house colonies, using pre-existing procedures as well as devising new rearing methods for more challenging insect species.

She is also the facility’s primary science facilitator, providing practical advice and regularly meeting with clients to design and develop appropriate insect testing systems assays.

Some examples of her work include screening for resistance in Brassica species against the Cabbage Stem flea beetle; evaluating fecundity and virus transmission rates of the Peach-Potato aphid in sugar beet; and developing feeding assays for the Colorado Potato beetle.