Dr Martin Rejzek

Platform Manager

Martin manages the John Innes Centre Chemistry Platform.

The chemistry platform enhances the output of our research groups by providing expertise and staff training in various aspects of organic chemistry, including;

  • Organic synthesis
  • Natural product chemistry and biosynthesis
  • Biotransformation
  • Bioconjugation
  • Enzyme assay development
  • Instrumental analysis

Martin received training in natural product chemistry focusing on insect endocrine system and chemical ecology. His early work includes design, synthesis and evaluation of insect juvenile hormone analogues and defence alkaloids and their use in insect pest management.

Later, Martin’s work has been centred around chemical glycobiology. Martin has developed extensive expertise in preparative and analytical carbohydrate chemistry; in carbohydrate-active enzymes and their characterisation, exploitation and inhibition; in surface chemistry and biophysics of carbohydrate-active enzymes; and in elucidation of in vivo function of enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

Martin’s current research focuses on nucleotide diphospho sugars (NDP-sugars) covering various aspects of their chemical and enzymatic synthesis, design and synthesis of analogues as molecular probes, biosynthesis, metabolic profiling, and chromatographic purification.

The Chemistry Platform offers a state of the art infrastructure allowing our scientists to perform chemistry related research task in a safe environment following strict safety procedures.

Experimental techniques available in the Chemistry Platform include:

  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) coupled with either Charged Aerosol Detector (CAD) or UV detector
  • Ion Chromatography (IC) coupled with UV detector
  • Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Polarimetry
  • Mass Spectrometry (MS)
  • High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography coupled with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAEC-PAD)

Selected Publications

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