Dr Hadrien Peyret

Postdoctoral Scientist

Hadrien is currently working on the European Union Horizon 2020 project ‘Newcotiana’, which aims to develop novel Nicotiana plant varieties for use in plant molecular farming.

In 2010, he joined the John Innes Centre thanks to the rotation PhD programme after having graduated from the University of Birmingham.

His first rotation was in The Sainsbury Laboratory, working on resistance genes of Arabidopsis against Albugo. His second rotation was in Biological Chemistry working on the production of stable transgenic plants for nanobiotechnological and medical uses. His third rotation, in Molecular Microbiology, focused on the development of alternatives to antibiotics.

Hadrien chose to join the Lomonossoff group for his thesis, where his main goal was the development of potential plant-based pharmaceuticals, most notably vaccines. He was also involved in student life at John Innes and participates in science outreach projects on a local and regional level.

After finishing his PhD in 2014, Hadrien started his first postdoctoral research project, still in the Lomonossoff group. This project was focused on the replication and encapsidation of RNA by cowpea mosaic virus and satellite tobacco necrosis virus.

In March 2017 Hadrien became Senior Postdoc on the UK Vaccines Research and Development Network project aiming to develop plant-made vaccine candidates against tropical diseases caused by enveloped viruses (dengue, zika, and chikungunyua viruses) in collaboration with Plant Bioscience Ltd and Leaf Systems International Ltd.

Selected Publications

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