Emilie Knight

Research Assistant Genes in the Environment

Emilie ensures the smooth running of the lab and is involved in various projects within the Lars Østergaard group.

Lars’ group investigates the genetic and hormonal regulation of fruit development in the Brassicaceae family.

Emilie is currently helping on the BBSRC SLoLa Brassica and Rapeseed And Vegetable Optimisation (BRAVO) project which is working to understand the gene networks controlling developmental transitions, from vegetative growth, through to flowering and seed production.

She is also involved in one of the postgraduate students’ project which focuses on the genetic control of sulphur metabolism in broccoli, in particular the production of secondary plant metabolites known as glucosinolates.

Finally, as a side project, Emilie is looking at methyl halides which are compounds produced by most vascular plants. These are harmful to the ozone layer and it is not yet understood why plants produce these compounds.

Selected Publications

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