Anna Jordan

Support Specialist Research Entomologist

Anna works within the John Innes Centre Entomology Dept.

She’s responsible for maintaining a number of licensed and non-licensed invertebrate species, within the DEFRA quarantined insectary.

Insect species are mainly sap-sucking hemipteran species such as aphids, whitefly, leafhoppers and planthoppers which are vectors for important plant viruses and plant pests from around the world.

They also maintain stocks of several lepidopteran species and Leafcutter ants for ongoing research projects.

Anna also maintains stocks of different plant pathogens e.g. phytoplasmas and plant viruses such as AY-WB, previously MBSP.

She ensures the facility runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis making sure stock colonies are reproducing well and are free from other pests and pathogens and provide advice for insectary users.

Along with the maintenance of insect stocks for experimental work Anna also designs and runs experiments for scientists on site and clients from associated businesses, for example fecundity assays and plant preference feeding choice experiments.

Anna previously worked on efficacy trials testing a range of pesticides and biological control products for different companies.