Prime Minister sees UK-China plant science collaboration first hand

On 1 February, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in Beijing. Her visit follows the recent launch of a joint science and innovation strategy between the UK and China and recognises the priority given in that strategy to agricultural research.

The Prime Minister was escorted on a tour of CAAS by John Innes Centre alumnus, Professor Chun-Ming Liu, Director General of the Institute of Crop Sciences at CAAS.

The John Innes Centre has strong historical links with CAAS and maintains contact with many alumni in CAAS institutes. Since 2015, John Innes Centre has had a strategic alliance with CAAS which includes joint research programmes in four key areas of mutual interest.

Professor Chun-Ming Liu said “I told Theresa May that, in the area of agriculture, Chinese researchers have close links with the UK, often built on positive experiences in British research institutes. I explained that I greatly valued my time at the John Innes Centre and continue to value productive research collaborations with the John Innes Centre”.

The Prime Minister said; “In December we launched the UK-China Joint Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation Co-operation. It brings together scientists and innovators to drive sustainable growth and tackle global challenges. The Strategy’s priority for 2018 is agri-tech, and that’s one reason why I was pleased to be able to visit the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing yesterday, seeing some of this cooperation first hand”.

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