Plants for the Future: John Innes Centre joins European Technology Platform

For more than 100 years our success has relied upon our international faculty, international collaborations and international outlook.

On 29 October 2019, we became a Member of the “Plants for the Future” European Technology Platform. By joining the Platform we strengthen our links to peers, industry and farmers, and we reaffirm our intention to remain an integral part of a pan-continental European Research Area.

John Innes Centre Director, Professor Dale Sanders FRS said “Plants sustain life on our planet, feed our species and fuel our economies. At a time of global challenge and European uncertainty, we must not lose sight of the importance of collaboration to the future well-being of our economies and societies.

“At the John Innes Centre, we look forward to working with our new partners in the European Technology Platform to ensure a bright future for plant research and innovation on our continent and beyond”.

Combining our knowledge of plants and microbes, with new innovative partnerships, will help us to build a sustainable future for agriculture, the bio-economy and provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

About the ETP – Plants for the Future

European Technology Platforms (ETP) exist to inform the research and innovation agendas of their members, of European countries and of the European institutions.

The European Technology Platform (ETP) ‘Plants for the Future’ aims to stimulate more effective research and innovation to enhance plant-based innovation potential and the societal support needed to implement innovation.

The Plants for the Future ETP brings stakeholders together (from industry, academy and farming communities), to participate in the development of a sustainable leadership of European Agriculture.

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