John Innes Centre joins Agri-Tech East

The John Innes Centre has become one of the first academic partners to join Agri-Tech East – a membership based organisation that brings together crop growers with scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors in the East of England.

Dr Jonathan Clarke, Head of Business Development, said:

Agri-Tech East will stimulate collaborations and catalyse innovation through the translation of our world leading research and sharing of our know-how in plant and microbial genetics. By working more closely with farmers, growers and the diversity of Agri-Tech business we hope to drive economic growth in the region.”

Dr Gordon Jamieson, Director of Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Director, said

“Since joining Agri-Tech East we have already seen an increase in our engagement with small and medium sized enterprises. What has been most rewarding has been helping some of our outstanding regional business develop research and development programmes. Not only have they accessed grant funding, but also created new jobs recruiting some of our former students. Ultimately this will increase their competitiveness and secure a robust agricultural sector in East Anglia.”

Dr Belinda Clarke, Director of Agri-Tech east, said:

“We are delighted to welcome the John Innes Centre as a member; it is a key player in the agri-tech ecosystem and has outstanding scientific credibility in plant, crop and microbial science. We are proud to be helping the John Innes Centre connect with businesses and other partners to help accelerate the translation of their world-class research to tackle some of the major challenges facing agriculture and horticulture.”

Dan Hewitt, Managing Director to Nelson County and Nelson County Potatoes Ltd, said: “I believe working with the John Innes Centre has been a revelation for us all. I think the Agri-Tech initiative has been a huge catalyst/conduit to get science talking to grass roots agriculture. We are all learning or re-learning through our dialogue and interaction.”

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