Dr Jonathan Clarke

Support Specialist Head of Business Development

Jonathan Clarke leads the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation team, which works to put businesses in contact with our experts, and to maximise the impact of the research of the scientists at the John Innes Centre.

Collaborative projects can help a wide range industries and businesses to solve problems, achieve objectives and face up to challenges. If you are interested in working with our scientists, or using our state-of-the-art facilities, or technology platforms contact the Commercialisation team.

He currently manages John Innes Enterprises, the John Innes Centre’s commercial subsidiary. His role is to identify and generate opportunities to work with external collaborators, increasing the impact of our science.

He is a board member of Persephone Bio, ICENI diagnostics, Plenty Sense and Gropod, four John Innes Centre’s spin out companies.

Jon is also on the BBSRC Innovator of the Year panel, a member of New Anglia LEP, on the FDA board, the Eastern Agri Tech board and Agritech East.