Dr Cristobal Uauy awarded tenure at the John Innes Centre

Crop geneticist Dr Cristobal Uauy has been awarded tenure at the John Innes Centre in Norwich after successfully completing a five-year tenure track.

Dr Uauy has been a project leader since 2009, using molecular genetics approaches to identify genes responsible for yield in wheat and ultimately to translate that knowledge into improved crops for farmers and consumers. Wheat accounts for around 20% of the calories and 25% of the protein consumed by people across the world.

Of being awarded tenure at the John Innes Centre, Dr Uauy said: “I feel deeply privileged to work in such an amazing institution surrounded by inspirational scientists.”

Over the next few years, Dr Uauy’s lab will seek to gain molecular insight into the genes controlling yield and quality traits while at the same time develop new resources to accelerate wheat research and the transfer of this knowledge to breeders.

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