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Sir David Hopwood FRS (b.1933), geneticist

Sir David Hopwood FRSProfessor Sir David Hopwood, FRS has been at the John Innes since 1968. After graduating from Cambridge he did his PhD there and later became an Assistant Lecturer, spending two sabbatical periods in Italy before becoming a Lecturer in Genetics at Glasgow University in 1961, where he stayed until he took up the appointment as John Innes Professor of Genetics at the University of East Anglia and Head of Genetics at John Innes.

His research group has since pioneered in research on the antibiotic-producing bacteria Streptomyces. They were the first to clone any gene involved in antibiotic production and the first to clone a complete set of genes for an antibiotic, subsequently opening up the concept of 'designer antibiotics' being produced by genetic manipulation. Presently, he is a John Innes Emeritus Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Genetics at the University of East Anglia and remains in close contact with colleagues and friends on a daily basis.

The painting below produced by artist Leonie Woolhouse illustrates the scientific career of Sir David Hopwood. It is possible to 'zoom' in and around the image via your mouse or the controls at the bottom of the image.

Reproduced from an original by Leonie Woolhouse.