A novel polyamine acyltransferase responsible for the accumulation of spermidine conjugates in Arabidopsis seed

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Hydroxycinnamic acid amides are a class of secondary metabolites distributed widely in plants. We have identified two sinapoyl spermidine derivatives, N-((4′-O-glycosyl)-sinapoyl),N′-sinapoylspermidine and N,N′-disinapoylspermidine, which comprise the two major polyamine conjugates that accumulate in Arabidopsis thaliana seed. Using metabolic profiling of knockout mutants to elucidate the functions of members of the BAHD acyltransferase family in Arabidopsis, we have also identified two genes encoding spermidine disinapoyl transferase (SDT) and spermidine dicoumaroyl transferase (SCT) activities. At2g23510, which is expressed mainly in seeds, encodes a spermidine sinapoyl CoA acyltransferase (SDT) that is required for the production of disinapoyl spermidine and its glucoside in Arabidopsis seed. The structurally related BAHD enzyme encoded by At2g25150 is expressed specifically in roots and has spermidine coumaroyl CoA acyltransferase (SCT) activity both in vitro and in vivo.