PCGIN Team and Partners

The Pulse Crop Genetic Improvement Network (PCGIN) is managed by the John Innes Centre, PGRO, NIAB and Defra, with ex officio input provided by the commercial sector.

Core scientific research underpinning pulse crop genetics is performed jointly by the first three organisations in projects that combine phenotypic and performance character assessment with genetic tool development.

Resources that are being developed within PCGIN for the study of agronomic and seed quality traits are based on consultation with stakeholders.

PCGIN2 will build on resources developed in the first phase that will be used to establish the genetic basis for traits that are relevant to UK pulse breeding, farming and end-user industries.

Stakeholder involvement has been instrumental in defining and prioritising traits, and in the choice of genotypes used to build populations for trait analysis. Inbred populations of pea will be used to study the inheritance of traits under field conditions and to define the inheritance of these traits, by building genetic maps. The principal traits will be yield, disease resistance and lodging. A basis for the study of genetics in field bean (Vicia faba) will be established, and genetic maps established for pulse crop species.

  • Steve Belcher, PGRO
  • Jane Thomas, NIAB
  • Tom Wood NIAB
  • Donal O’Sullivan, University of Reading
  • David Lloyd, Aberystwyth University

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