Richard Dekeya

Postgraduate Researcher

Circadian rhythms align biological processes with the environmental changes that occur during the 24 hour day.

Richard is investigating circadian regulation of plant metabolism in vertical farming systems.

Understanding the involvement of circadian regulation in plant metabolism will enable more efficient soilless vertical farming system.

The ability to control plant growing environmental conditions in vertical farms allows for better crop performance through the understanding of how plants interpret and respond to different environmental cues.

Plants respond to these surrounding conditions through regulation of their internal biological clock. Understanding of these aspects will ultimately lead to improved vertical farming and greenhouse systems using soil-free cultivation.

Richard’s work is in collaboration with LettUs Grow, an indoor farming research and development company that develops and installs vertical farming control software and aeroponic technologies.

Richard is a PhD student who is supported by the UKRI-BBSRC Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Partnership.