Dr Guru Radhakrishnan

Research Fellow BBSRC Discovery Fellow Designing Future Wheat, Plant Health

As a recipient of the prestigious BBSRC Discovery Fellowship  award, Guru is currently working on building an integrative model of how pathogens cause disease on plants through large-scale analysis of genomics data.

Plant diseases come with enormous economic cost to food production and it is vital that we protect our food crops from diseases by developing methods for combating plant pathogens.

A robust disease prevention strategy requires that we are able to rapidly respond to both current and future strains of plant pathogens. Therefore, there is a need to develop tailored control methods that can quickly be engineered to combat pathogen adaptability.

To do this, we need a comprehensive understanding of how diverse pathogens infect and cause disease on plants.

Guru’s work will address this by developing a long-needed understanding of the mechanisms used by a group of pathogenic fungi called the Puccinia rust fungi to infect their plant hosts.

He will achieve this through the application of cutting-edge genomics, data science tools and high-resolution microscopy technologies.

Selected Publications

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