Ajay Siluveru

Research Assistant

Ajay is currently working as part of Dr. Noam Chayut’s group.

He is working on the carotenoids screening and analysis of Watkins durum wheat landraces, which genes are responsible for the yellow color of pasta and other by-products of wheat grains. This analysis involves using the HPCL chromatography to extract the carotenoids in 350 durum wheat landraces and 110 Miradoux variety lines, assisting colleague and PhD student, Josh Waites, with generating data for his research as well with spectrophotometry.

Previously, Ajay used to work in GRU to generate phenotypic data for other projects, as well as by working with high throughput phenotyping machines like XRF spectrometry, NIR spectrometry and Marvin seed analyzer.

Having studied for a Bachelors degree in Agriculture (with modules in plant genetics, agriculture microbiology, plant biotechnology, agronomy, and Biochemistry) at Vivekananda Global University in Jaipur, India, Ajay went on to do six months training in plant tissue culture for a commercial banana tissue culture producing company, before completing a Masters at the John Innes Centre.