John Innes Centre establishes an alliance on global food security with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Chinese Vice-Minister of Agriculture and President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Professor Jiayang Li, visited the John Innes Centre to sign an agreement between CAAS and the John Innes Centre to work on cutting-edge research that will address the global challenge of food security.

Professor Li signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with John Innes Centre Director, Professor Dale Sanders which will lead to collaborative research in areas such as improving crop yields, decreasing the threat from crop pests and pathogens, and reducing the need for artificial fertiliser.

The MoU will also stimulate an increase in the movement of research ideas, research technologies and researchers between the John Innes Centre and a number of CAAS laboratories in China, including the Institute of Crop Research, the Institute of Plant Protection, the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, and the Biotechnology Research Institute.

In a broader sense, the new alliance recognises the close links between the UK and China in science and the importance attached to agricultural science by both governments.

John Innes Centre Director, Dale Sanders, said:

“The John Innes Centre is an international institute. We recognise that our science will only continue to be world-leading if we work with the very best and brightest minds internationally. For that reason, I am delighted to have established our link with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences today. I believe that both the John Innes Centre and CAAS science will be strengthened by this partnership. I also believe that our collaboration has the potential for great impact on food security – in the UK, in China and in the developing world.”


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