Plant RNA Structure Symposium

The 2021 Plant RNA Structure Symposium, will take place from Tuesday 7 September – Thursday 9 September.

It will be hosted online and is being run by the John Innes Centre, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge

RNA structure plays a central role in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, such as RNA maturation, RNA stability, and translation.

With the advance of newly developed RNA structure probing methods, the study of RNA structure has been revolutionarily transformed.

Recent studies have revealed new insights into regulatory mechanisms of RNA biological processes in plants. Furthermore, the identifications of cis-regulatory RNA structure elements in response to temperature and salt stress improved our understanding of how plants adapt to a changing environment.

Apart from these studies in mRNAs, new studies have determined the RNA structure features of different types of non-coding RNAs and discovered how non-coding RNAs function in plants. Additionally, some latest studies in crops have provided novel perceptions in RNA structure evolution and RNA structure-guided crop breeding.

Our plant RNA structure symposium will gather these recent advances in understanding the functional role of RNA structure in plants.

This symposium is sponsored by Frontiers in Plant Science and associated with a special research topic ‘Plant RNA Structure’ in Frontiers in Plant Science.

Tuesday 7 September

  • 14.00-14.10 Welcome
  • 14.10-14.40 Dr. Betty Chung, University of Cambridge
  • 14.40-15.10 Professor Brian Gregory, University of Pennsylvania
  • 15.10-15.40 Professor Xiuren Zhang, Texas A&M University
  • 15.45-16.15 Professor Friedrich Kragler, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
  • 16.15-16.45 Dr Minglei Yang, John Innes Centre

EST (09:00-12:00), CDT (08:00-11:00), CST (21:00-00:00)

Wednesday 8 September

  • 14.00-14.30 Professor Jeremy Thompson, Plant Health & Environment Laboratory, New Zealand (Pre-recorded video)
  • 14.30-15.00 Professor Ying Wang, Mississippi State University
  • 15.00-15.30 Professor Aurelie Rakotondrafara, University of Wisconsin
  • 15.30-16.00 Dr Hadrien Peyret, John Innes Centre
  • 16.00-16.30 Dr Rodrigo Siqueira Reis, University of Lausanne

EST (09:00-12:00), CDT (08:00-11:00), CST (21:00-00:00)

Thursday 9 September

  • 14.00-14.30 Professor Huakun Zhang, Northeast Normal University
  • 14.30-15.00 Professor Julian Chen, Arizona State University
  • 15.00-15.30 Dr Xiaofei Yang, John Innes Centre
  • 15.30-16.30 General discussions (Collected questions for research perspectives before or during the conference)

EST (09:00-12:00), CDT (08:00-11:00), CST (21:00-00:00)

Manuscripts are welcome to be submitted to the Frontiers in Plant Science ‘Plant RNA Structure’ special issue.

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