New Xylella Data for UK Risk Assessment and Policy 

Xylella is not present in the UK, but should it arrive, then the eco-epidemiology needs to be understood.

However, there is a great deal of uncertainty over the UK pathosystem compared to the known outbreak locations.

This BRIGIT Consortium Meeting session will present the latest Xylella findings from the BRIGIT project, shedding light on some of the uncertainties in a UK context. The presentations in this session will focus on: 

  • Vector distribution, densities, host plant preferences and dispersal 
  • Host plant susceptibility 
  • Characteristics of the horticultural trade network 
  • Stakeholder responses to regulation 
  • Modelling spread in the UK for risk assessment and control

Session Lead: Dr Steven White (UKCEH) BRIGIT WP4 lead

Time: 09:00-13:00 Register for the event – New Xylella Data for UK Risk Assessment and Policy

Registration Deadline: 14 Dec 2020

Location: The event will be held online.  The link to join the meeting will be emailed to registered participants closer to the meeting date.

Contact Steven White for further information

This session is aimed at providing UK-specific data to scientists, industry and stakeholders.

Please note that this event will be recorded. 

Download the full draft agenda

Draft Agenda:

09:00 – Session Welcome – Steven White

09:05 – Epidemiological Uncertainties – Flavia Occhibove, Daniel Chapman, Alex Mastin, Stephen Parnell, Barbara Agstner, Rosa Amboage, Glyn Jones, Michael Dunn, Chris Pollard, James Robinson, Mariella Marzano, Althea Davies, Rehema White, Andrew Fearne & Steven White (presenter)

09:20 – Insect Vector Distribution, Densities and Host Plant PreferencesAlan Stewart (presenter), Claire Harkin, Mike Wilson, Katherine Lester, Rebecca Cairns, Sam Mugford, Flavia Occhibove, Steven White, Ana Perez-Sierra, Gerard Clover & Sarah Plummer

09:35 – Short Range Vector Dispersal – Simon Conyers (presenter), Chris Malumphy, Damian De Marzo & Rachel Down

09:45 – Long Range Vector Dispersal – Roberto Biello, Qun Liu, Sam Mugford, Alan Stewart, Claire Harkin, Katherine Lester, Rebecca Cairns, Michael Wilson, Simon Conyers, Duncan Allen, Damian De Marzo, Gerard Clover, Thomas Mathers & Saskia Hogenhout (presenter)

09:55 – Host Plant Susceptibility – Jenny Cole, Adam Bryning, Eleanor Jones, John Elphinstone & Joana Vicente (presenter)

10:05 – 10:20 – Summary & Break – A prefilled “poster” will be displayed that summarises the main conclusions in the session. This will be left up over the break.

10:20 – Human Behaviour in the UK Trade Network – Chris Pollard (presenter) & Mariella Marzano

10:35 – Stakeholder Risk Perception and Potential Responses to Biophysical and Regulatory Contexts – Rehema White (presenter), Chris Pollard, Mariella Marzano, Althea Davies & James Robinson

10:50 – Plants for Planting and the Problems of Data – Glyn Jones (presenter), Barbara Agstner, James Rainford & Gabriel Rocki

11:00 – 11:15 – Summary & Break – A prefilled “poster” will be displayed that summarises the main conclusions in the session. This will be left up over the break.

11:15 – Modelling Xylella spread in the UK Trade Network – Alex Mastin (presenter) & Stephen Parnell

11:30 – Modelling Xylella spread in the UK Landscape – Flavia Occhibove (presenter), Daniel Chapman & Steven White

11:45 – Panel Discussion – Stakeholder Data and Modelling Needs for RA and Policy – Ian Toth (Scottish Plant Health Centre), Dominic Eyre (Defra), and Steven White (panel chair) 

12:15 – 12:30 – Wrap Up – We will detail a list of bullet points to discuss further with policymakers

BRIGIT will hold a Xylella awareness week from 2 – 5 March 2021.  This will include training events and workshops on Xylella fastidiosa, insect vectors and hosts. The programme and registration information for this week will be circulated soon.

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