Dr Cristobal Uauy

Project Leader
Crop Genetics

Our lab seeks to identify genes underlying wheat QTL with significant agronomic impact, understand the mechanism by which they function and using this knowledge, facilitate their effective deployment into modern breeding varieties.

We are currently using molecular genetics approaches to:

  • identify the genes responsible for key yield and quality traits in UK wheat germplasm,
  • understand the interaction between wheat and the yellow rust fungal pathogen
  • develop genetic resources to enable effective translational research from model systems to crop species,
  • enhance the pipeline to translate this new knowledge into improved wheat varieties for growers, industry and consumers.


Tel: 01603 450195

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Selected Publications

Uauy C., Paraiso F., Colasuonno P., Tran R., Tsai H., Berardi S., Comai L., Dubcosvky J. (2009)

A modified TILLING approach to detect induced mutations in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat

BMC Plant Biology 9 pArt: 115

Fu D., Uauy C., Blechl A., Dubcovsky J. (2007)

RNA interference for wheat functional gene analysis.

Transgenic Research 16 (6) p689-701

Publisher’s version: 10.1007/s11248-007-9150-7

Distelfeld A., Uauy C., Fahima T., Dubcovsky J. (2006)

Physical map of the wheat high-grain protein content gene Gpc-B1 and development of a high-throughput molecular marker.

New Phytologist 169 (4) p753-63

Publisher’s version: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2005.01627.x

Uauy C., Distelfeld A., Fahima T., Blechl A., Dubcovsky J. (2006)

A NAC Gene regulating senescence improves grain protein, zinc, and iron content in wheat.

Science 314 (5803) p1298-301

Publisher’s version: 10.1126/science.1133649

Uauy C., Brevis J. C., Dubcovsky J. (2006)

The high grain protein content gene Gpc-B1 accelerates senescence and has pleiotropic effects on protein content in wheat.

Journal of Experimental Botany 57 (11) p2785-94

Publisher’s version: 10.1093/jxb/erl047

Recent Publications

Lawrenson T., Shorinola O., Stacey N., Li C., Ostergaard L., Patron N., Uauy C., Harwood W. (2015)

Induction of targeted, heritable mutations in barley and Brassica oleracea using RNA-guided Cas9 nuclease.

Genome Biology 16 (1) p258

Publisher’s version: 10.1186/s13059-015-0826-7

Ramirez Gonzalez R. H., Segovia V., Bird N., Caccamo M., Uauy C. (2015)

Next Generation Sequencing Enabled Genetics in Hexaploid Wheat

Poursarebani N., Seidensticker T., Koppolu R., Trautewig C., Gawronski P., Bini F., Govind G., Rutten T., Sakuma S., Tagiri A., Wolde G. M., Youssef H. M., Battal A., Ciannamea S., Fusca T., Youssef H. M., Nussbaumer T., Pozzi C., Börner A., Lundqvist U., Komatsuda T., Salvi S., Tuberosa R., Uauy C., Sreenivasulu N., Rossini L., Schnurbusch T. (2015)

The Genetic Basis of Composite Spike Form in Barley and "Miracle-Wheat".

Genetics online ponline

Publisher’s version: 10.1534/genetics.115.176628

Borrill P., Adamski N., Uauy C. (2015)

Genomics as the key to unlocking the polyploid potential of wheat.

New Phytologist online (onlne) ponline

Publisher’s version: 10.1111/nph.13533

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Cristobal Uauy

  • Nikolai Adamski Postdoctoral Scientist
  • Momina Hussain Visiting Worker
  • Peter Scott Support Specialist
  • Tobin Florio Research Assistant
  • James Simmonds Research Assistant
  • Oluwaseyi Shorinola Postgraduate Student
  • Dr Marianna Pasquariello Research Assistant
  • Dr Clare Lewis Research Assistant
  • Amelia Frizell-Armitage Postgraduate Student
  • Jemima Florence Brinton Postgraduate Student
  • Dr Philippa Borrill Research Fellow
  • Elle Lewis-Smedley Lab Attendant


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