Final BRIGIT meeting

BRIGIT – A consortium for enhancing UK surveillance and response to Xylella fastidiosa

  • Dates: 27 – 28 September 2021
  • Location: Virtual

During the past three years, UK scientists across the spectrum of entomology, plant pathology, ecology, epidemiology, genomics, molecular biology and social science have collaborated to build UK capability to reduce the chance of Xylella fastidiosa being introduced and becoming established in the UK.

In this final BRIGIT meeting we will discuss progress made with reaching this objective via covering the following objectives:

  • Development and implementation of diagnostic tools for Xylella
  • Geographical distribution, abundance, mobility and migration routes of the insect species that occur in the UK and may vector Xylella
  • Modelling of local and large-scale dispersal of Xylella via insect vectors and plant trade
  • Supply chains and human behaviours that could contribute to movement of the disease or be utilised for early detection and control
  • Citizen science and outreach activities to improve awareness of Xylella, its potential impacts and how it spreads
  • Databases and information resources on Xylella and their insect vectors

Agenda for Day 1 – 27 Sept 2021

Agenda for Day 2 – 28 Sept 2021

View the pre-recorded talks highlighting outcomes of the BRIGIT project (Password Protected – please e-mail if you would like to access these talks).

This session is aimed at providing UK-specific data to policy-makers and stakeholders.

We will give accessible summaries of the BRIGIT project outcomes in the live talks. Moreover, pre-recorded talks that provide more details on how the outcomes were achieved will be made available before the event and will remain accessible during and after the meeting.

The types of impacts the BRIGIT project has generated will be discussed in break-out sessions.