Advances is the bi-annual John Innes Centre magazine, showcasing how we continue to combine scientific excellence with strategic relevance to address global challenges.

With each new edition we will shine a spotlight on the wide range of world-leading research at the institute, our staff and our links with industrial partners.

Advances will look at a range of topics each issue, such as how we’ve;

  • Discovered the next antibiotic
  • Made food more nutritious
  • Adapted crops to a changing climate

Previous editions of Advances

Summer 2018, #29

Wheat themed edition: Fast forward to a space-inspired future of crops, In Sight – the glasshouses at night, How wheat must be improved to feed a global population of 10 bn people, the first report of stem rust in decades calls for close monitoring.

Winter 2017/18, #28

George’s marvellous medicines, how plants breathe, battling algal blooms and celebrating 50 years in Norwich. Opinion: Dame Caroline Dean reflects on an important message.

Summer 2017, #27

A brassica breakthrough from Dr Judith Irwin, the microscopic battleground in our soil, 50 years of research at the John Innes Centre, and three students reflect on an exciting summer school in Arusha, Tanzania.

Winter 2016/17, #26

Winning the 2016 BBSRC Excellence with Impact Award has enabled the John Innes Centre to increase its support to schemes such as African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD). Also in this issue, how can we fight back against the threat of antimicrobial resistance?

Summer 2016, #25

The first of the new look Advances, Can research into how cold promotes flowering in plants have consequences for human health?, On the pulse and Dr Carole Thomas talks about supporting women in science.