Upcoming Friday Seminars

We host a weekly programme of seminars with internationally eminent plant and microbial scientists.

Email jic.fridayseminars@jic.ac.uk to request access.

As soon as they are confirmed we will announce speakers for the next academic term here.


  • 24 May – How to give bacteria food poisoning – Prof. Lori Burrows, McMaster University


  • 14 June – Physicochemical regulation of the liquid-like organisation of chromatin  – Prof. Rosana Collepardo Guevara, University of Cambridge
  • 21 June – Hopwood Lecture: Prof. Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Stanford University
  • 28 June – The evolution of C4 photosynthesis and key players in chloroplast biogenesis – Prof. Julian Hibberd, University of Cambridge


  • 5 July – Role of anionic lipids in the establishment, dynamics and function of membrane contact sites  – Prof. Yvon Jallais, University of Lyon
  • 12 July – OPEN Seminar: How to fight a virus: lessons from bacteria  – Prof. Malcolm White, University of St Andrews