Race and Ethnicity Equality and Diversity

To help ensure the John Innes Centre is a welcoming and inclusive workplace for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students, we have a ‘Race and Ethnicity Equality and Diversity’ working group (REED).

REED is an informal group which aims to raise awareness of race and ethnic equality and diversity, by;

  • Working with John Innes Centre staff and students, and our Inclusivity and Diversity committee to identify opportunities arising from, and suggest improvements to institute policies, procedures, and practices to ensure these are inclusive
  • Suggesting ways to optimise opportunities and practical solutions to address areas of concern
  • Advising on ways to promote race and ethnic minority equality, diversity and inclusion at the institute
  • Representing the views of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students across the John Innes Centre
  • Taking responsibility to champion any change that could contribute to ensuring race and ethnic minority equality and diversity at the institute, so that the responsibility of tackling issues is not left to any individual or group of individuals alone
  • Working on specific tasks, when requested, with the Director and the Inclusivity and Diversity committee to eliminate any direct and indirect forms of discrimination faced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students

REED is not aligned with any political party.