Quantitative Plant Biology

Quantitative Plant Biology is an open access journal from Cambridge University Press and the John Innes Centre.

It provides an interdisciplinary forum for high quality research on ground-breaking discoveries and predictions in plant science and a dedicated home for research that applies techniques such as data mining and analysis, mathematical modelling and machine-learning to plant biology.

Quantitative Plant Biology welcomes research from across the spectrum of fundamental, applied and societal plant research; across all biological scales, from molecular through cellular and organismal to populations; and be based on data from laboratories, fieldwork and citizen science.

Alongside traditional research articles, the journal also publishes two new sections in line with its focus on quantitative research.

‘Theories’ will be speculative and thought provoking articles that use meta-analysis of publicly available data to find overarching trends and question existing beliefs. There will also be citizen science articles, drawing on large datasets from non-scientists and co-written with scientists in a way that is easily understood by a lay audience.

Introducing Quantitative Plant Biology – Professor Dale Sanders

Priority to questions – Editor-in-Chief Dr Olivier Hamant

Modelling root development; Deciphering the details that count – Dr Kirsten ten Tusscher

Our vision for Quantitative Plant Biology – Alison Paskins