TILLING by Sequencing (TbyS) for targeted genome mutagenesis in crops

TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesionsin Genomes) by Sequencing (TbyS) refers to the applicationof high-throughput sequencing technologies tomutagenised TILLING populations as a tool for functionalgenomics. TbyS can be used to identify andcharacterise induced variation in genes (controllingtraits of interest) within large mutant populations, andis a powerful approach for the study and harnessing ofgenetic variation in crop breeding programmes. Theextension of existing TILLING platforms by TbyS willaccelerate crop functional genomics studies, in concertwith the rapid increase in genome editing capabilitiesand the number and quality of sequenced crop plantgenomes. In this mini-review, we provide an overviewof the growth of TbyS and its potential applications tocrop molecular breeding.