Ten simple rules for using entrepreneurship skills to improve research careers and culture

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The academic path is not an easy one. The acknowledgment of the problems of the research precariat, the lack of stability and certainty in our careers, is not a new thing. The number of permanent positions in academic research has always limited the career prospects of many postdocs, but there are concerns the increasing supply of graduates is exacerbating this issue , and for scientists, job satisfaction is at an all-time low. Indeed, the current situation is forcing many of us to reevaluate our options. For many, this may mean leaving the academic world and moving to industry or enterprise, but this often can feel like failure. We argue that the establishment of a scientific career can be thought of as an entrepreneurial enterprise. We contend that an acknowledgment of this viewpoint and reevaluation of what constitutes value and impact in this system can contribute towards an improved research culture. With this in mind, we present some rules informed by the world of enterprise and business to help the early career researcher develop and navigate their careers.