Structural basis of host Autophagy-related protein 8 (ATG8) binding by the Irish potato famine pathogen effector protein PexRD54.

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Filamentous plant pathogens deliver effector proteins to host cells to promote infection. The Phytophthora infestans RXLR-type effector PexRD54 binds potato ATG8 via its ATG8-family interacting motif (AIM) and perturbs host selective autophagy. However, the structural basis of this interaction remains unknown. Here we define the crystal structure of PexRD54, which comprises a modular architecture including five tandem repeat domains, with the AIM sequence presented at the disordered C-terminus. To determine the interface between PexRD54 and ATG8, we solved the crystal structure of potato ATG8CL in complex with a peptide comprising the effectors AIM sequence, and established a model of the full-length PexRD54/ATG8CL complex using small angle X-ray scattering. Structure-informed deletion of the PexRD54 tandem domains reveals retention of ATG8CL binding in vitro and in planta. This study offers new insights into structure/function relationships of oomycete RXLR effectors and how these proteins engage with host cell targets to promote disease.