Novel mutant allele of AtCNGC15 reveals a dual function of nuclear calcium release in the root meristem

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Calcium release to the nucleoplasm of root meristem cells was demonstrated to modulate root development. The calcium channel encoded by the cyclic nucleotide-gated channel (CNGC) 15 localizes at the nuclear envelope in young Arabidopsis seedlings. In contrast, at later stages of root growth, overexpression analysis showed that AtCNGC15 can relocalize to the plasma membrane to mediate primary nitrate induced gene expression. This raises the question as to whether nuclear localized AtCNGC15 is required for root apical meristem development in young Arabidopsis seedlings, and whether nitrate signalling occurs independently of nuclear localized AtCNGC15 at this developmental stage. In this study, we characterize a novel mutant allele of AtCNGC15 and demonstrate that the mutation of a highly conserved aspartic acid in the C-linker domain is sufficient to impair the gating of AtCNCG15. We demonstrate that AtCNGC15 mediates the nuclear calcium release that modulates root apical meristem development and nitrate- induced LBD39 expression. We also show that, in the presence of nitrate, the relocalization of AtCNGC15 at the plasma membrane occurs specifically in the columella cells. Our results further suggest that the induction of LBD37, LBD38 and LBD39 in presence of nitrate is modulated by different inputs of cytoplasmic or nuclear calcium release.